Allegany Museum is creating a new permanent exhibit “Crossroads of America”in its recently renovated first floor space. For this major exhibition, the museum is reaching out to the community to donate or loan artifacts for display.

In particular, the museum is looking for artifacts such as cannons, cannonballs, and guns from the French and Indian War period, as well as pre-1950 artifacts from the C&O Canal, National Road, or the railroads.

The exhibition will tell the story of how Allegany County developed through its location on one of the few routes between the North East and the West of America. It begins with the Native American Nemacolin Trail, continues through the times of General Braddock and President Washington, and on to the development of the C&O Canal, the B&O Railroad, and the nation’s first highway, the National Road.

Plans for the approximately 4,500 square foot space include a Native American hut, a model of Fort Cumberland, images of George Washington when he visited the area in the 1750s and again in 1794, and displays about the building of the National Road, the C&O canal, and the railroads.

The new permanent exhibition will have accredited museum-level collections management to ensure that the valuable collections are preserved for posterity.

Please contact, or leave a message for the manager Daryl Smith at the Museum phone number, 301-777-7200

Museum President gary bartik, and Chris Slan, exhibition designer, inspect a canal boat horn in front of a conestoga wagon