Jane Frazier was born January 1, 1735. Her life is an example of the hardships endured by the early settlers to the Cumberland area.

The Maryland Gazette of October 9, 1755, reported that Indians had carried off a woman from Frazier’s Plantation, near the mouth of Evitts Creek.

The woman was Jane Frazier, wife of the Plantation, John Frazier.

Jane was 20 years old and pregnant when she was taken by braves of the Miami tribe to their village on the Miami River in what is now Ohio.

She was adopted by one of the families of the tribe and birthed her baby. Tragically, her child died at three months.

About a year after her capture, Jane and some other prisoners took advantage of the absence of the warriors from the village and escaped.

In the meantime, her husband John Frazier had remarried. Fortunately, John’s new wife accepted that her marriage had been null and returned to her family. John and Jane went on to have three children and lived out their lives on the Plantation.

A housing complex on Memorial Ave., Cumberland, is named Jane Frazier Village in Jane’s honor.