Today we’re headed over to a new feature on our page, where we take a look at some of the photos our board member and Digital #ArchivistAl has been working on!
Today’s post is a before/after, but we’ll let him tell you a little more about it:
“This negative was sent to me on messenger and I was able to extract a lot of detail and date it circa 1932 – March 1936. This is based on the appearance of Metro Clothes on the left side. It opened in 1932 in that location, and it moved to the corner of Mechanic St. and Baltimore St., tucked into the Times-News Building. This move was prompted by the March 1936 Floods in Cumberland. Since there is no water damage visible, this photo is pre-1936.”
(This is one of two photos I have from the Robeson collection)
Great work, Al! We love hearing about the history behind the photographs and seeing the before/after work of the photos.