Did you know that there have been thirty glass manufacturers in the Cumberland area?

Did you or a relative own or work for any of these companies? If so, please reply in the comments and tell us about it.

Did you know that Allegany Museum, Cumberland MD, has a wonderful exhibit covering the glass industry in Cumberland?

The museum has several exhibit rooms of beautiful glassware and tools used in the old days of glass making made in Cumberland from the early 1900’s until the early 60’s.

The museum display features the Maryland, Potomac, and Utility Glass Companies.

From 1880 to 1930, glass manufacturing boomed along with the City of Cumberland.  Warren Glass Works Company, founded 1880, was one of the first to be established. Around 1920, well over 1,000 people were employed in the glass factories and decorating shops. The end came with the onset of the Great Depression combined with the destruction of seven factories by fire.

Here is the list of Cumberland glass manufacturers from Wikipedia:
1884-1905: Cumberland Glass Works (1884–1905), National Glass Company (1889–1905), Wellington Glass (1908–1920) 
1880-1913: Warren Glass Works Company(1880–1889), South Cumberland Glass (1889–1890), Queen City Glass (1890–1909), Eastern Glass (1909–1913), 
1893-1930: Maryland Glass Etching Company 
1895-1896: Enterprise Glass Decorating 
1904-1924: Potomac Glass 
1911-1912: Cumberland Glass Tube Company 
1918-1935: Maryland Glass 
1936-1938: Maryland Glass Inc., formerly Maryland Glass 
1938-1941: NU Glass 
1923-1926: C. A. Borchert 
1926-1926: Queen City Glass 
1927-1928: Braddock Glass – LaVale, Maryland 
1927-1928: Zihlman Glass 
1928-1929: Independent Glass – LaVale, Maryland 
1930-1932: Sloan Glass 
1931-1933: Eichner Cut Glass 
1932-1956: Cumberland Glass – LaVale, Maryland 
1956-1961: Cumberland Glass – Mount Savage, Maryland 
1932-1987: Queen Glass – LaVale, Maryland 
1935-1961: Kortwright, Nehring, Weaver Inc 
1935-1956: Sloan Glass 
1956-1968: Sloan Glass – Green Spring, West Virginia 
1953-1972: Oglebay Glass 
1954-1992 PPG Cumberland Works No. 7 – Constructed in 1953 by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, the Works No. 7 Plant manufactured plate glass in Cumberland from 1953 to 1981. In 1981, the No. 7 manufacturing facility was shut down and used as a research and development facility until 1992. 
1956-1968: Knoche Cut Glass.[8]