1983 – A volunteer community group, the Western Maryland Station Center, Inc., formed to preserve, restore, and renovate the Western Maryland Railroad Station.

1985 – A transportation and Industrial Museum opened in the basement of Western Maryland Railroad Station

1997 – The Western Maryland Railroad Station became part of the Canal Place Heritage Area.  The Western Maryland Station Centergroup began developing the Allegany Museum

1999 –The Allegany Museum purchased the former Post Office/Courthouse building at 3 Pershing Street

2001 – The Museum opened in temporary space at 210 S. Mechanic Street

2003 – The Museum moved to new temporary space on the Downtown Historic Mall at 81 Baltimore Street, while operating the 3 Pershing Street building as leased space

2007 – The Museum paid off the mortgage on 3 Pershing Street

2008/2010 – The Museum was partially renovated through grants from the Maryland State legislature

2010 – The Museum moved to its newly-restored permanent home at 3 Pershing Street

2017- Restoration of the beautiful first floor of the building at 3 Pershing St

2018- Installation of the National Road surface through time, and restored vehicles placed on it

2019 – A new exhibition space ‘Crossroads of America’ will open on the first floor

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Allegany Museum is opened