Albert Feldstein, local historian and author recently donated a great deal of campaign memorabilia including many campaign buttons to Allegany Museum.

The items cover both local and statewide elections.  While Mr. Feldstein is also donating to several larger museums and universities, he also chose to donate to Allegany Museum because the items will not be “lost” among other massive collections.

Mr. Feldstein says “We have over 15,000 items in our house divided among six or seven collections. About three months ago Angie (his wife) said either it goes, or she goes. Well. I thought about it. And here we are. Even though the vast majority is going to universities and museums out of state, I’m glad this portion, and possibly more, will remain local.”

One item that Mr. Feldstein has donated is a special favorite of his – the Marvin Mandel pipe pin. Mr. Mandel was well known for his pipes, and this pin uses the image of a pipe to promote his race for Governor of Maryland.

You can browse through some of his campaign memorabilia at, Western Maryland’s Historical Library online, and also his collections relating to the general history of the region, with particular attention to the experiences of women and African Americans.

Left to right, Gary Bartik, Allegany Museum President, Vic Rezendes, Vice President, and Al Feldstein
Schaefer for Governor poster