The Allegany Museum is pleased to announce new leadership of its board of directors.
Local Attorney Chris Logsdon will serve as board president. Logsdon is a Cumberland native
and graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and also serves as the Attorney Advisor for
the Allegany High School Mock Trial team.
“I would like to thank Gary Bartik for his years of leadership with the Allegany Museum, and I
look forward to advancing the role of the Museum to serve as a showcase of regional history and
as a center for the community,” said President Logsdon.
Joining Chris Logsdon are:
 Vice President, Administration; Vic Rezendes, Retired Asst. Comptroller General, U.S.
Government Accountability Office
 Treasurer, Mike Fetchero; Retired Senior Vice President CBIZ
 Secretary, John Deniker; Admissions and Marketing Director Stonerise Keyser.
Other members of the Board of Directors include: Mike Brant, Deb Frank, Joe George, Derek
Miller, The Honorable Ray Morris, Steve Nelson, Clara Porcello, Jerry Robinette, Dr. Nayano
Taylor-Neumann, James Troy Thomas, Ann Townson and John Wunderlick.
About the Allegany Museum

Newly appointed officers for the Allegany Museum are left to right: John Deniker, secretary, Chris Logsdon, president, Mike Fetchero, treasurer, and Vic Rezendes, vice president, administration